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5 Simple Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Creativity

1. Give Them Variety By giving children a variety of materials, tools and items to use, it helps them use their imagination in whatever way they want to. If they’re restricted to just one pencil and one piece of paper, it’s unlikely they’ll create anything other than a drawing. By giving them more items, they… Continue reading 5 Simple Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Creativity

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What is Mini Strawbees Club?

Picture this, you have an afternoon with the kids and the weather looks a bit miserable and you know the moment you set foot out of the door it will pour down. Typical British weather… You want something fun to entertain them but have no idea what, you can’t be bothered to have the mess… Continue reading What is Mini Strawbees Club?


Are we all too busy for our children to say ‘Thank You’?

At Mini Strawbees Club we’re guessing that some of the first words you taught or are teaching your children to say are ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and rightly so. It is a sign of politeness and most of us grow up knowing that it is common courtesy to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when appropriate. It… Continue reading Are we all too busy for our children to say ‘Thank You’?

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Is entertaining the kids expensive?

So the Easter holidays are over for another year but hopefully you all enjoyed some quality family time if you were able. Here’s a question – Does anyone else find entertaining the kids in the holidays an expensive time?! Entry for visiting places, ticket fees, food prices, travelling costs and that’s not to mention the… Continue reading Is entertaining the kids expensive?


Can your child write by hand?

It may seem like a simple skill but handwriting for the next generation could be worrying.  According to YouGov research, 92% of adults think writing by hand is important and 97% think it’s important for children to be taught to write and here at Mini Strawbees Club, we have to agree. The problem nowadays however… Continue reading Can your child write by hand?


Parent vs Crafty Mess: Do you ever surrender?

Does this sight fill you with dread? Whilst crafting with the kids can be thoroughly enjoyable, it’s a well-known fact that it’s not the cleanest activity there is. Take the tiny pieces of glitter for example – they linger around for weeks! It’s almost like it’s in hiding when the vacuum comes round and then… Continue reading Parent vs Crafty Mess: Do you ever surrender?