Parent vs Crafty Mess: Do you ever surrender?

craft time

Does this sight fill you with dread?

Whilst crafting with the kids can be thoroughly enjoyable, it’s a well-known fact that it’s not the cleanest activity there is. Take the tiny pieces of glitter for example – they linger around for weeks! It’s almost like it’s in hiding when the vacuum comes round and then as soon as the vacuum is out of sight, you spot it there right in front of you! It even manages to get on multiple layers of clothes and there’s that embarrassing moment when you visit a friend and as you stand under the light they point out you have glitter on your face. Attractive!

We’ve all been there haven’t we…
But… Is it really a big deal?
We figure there are 3 types of parents:

1. The ‘I don’t care about the mess, it can all be tidied later’ Parent.
This kind of parent wouldn’t care if the paint bottle exploded because they’re prepared with plastic sheeting on the carpet and aprons on the kids. Afterall, paint washes out of hair doesn’t it.

2. The ‘I don’t mind a bit of mess’ Parent
You’ll find this parent cleaning up during crafts and painting to minimise the effort needed later. Occasionally wiping up paint splodges with a cloth and telling the children to only use one glitter at a time. They know the paint will end up in clothes and hair but planned the kids bath straight after crafts and the washing machine is empty and ready for the next load anyway.

3. The ‘Oh no! Not crafts today, imagine the mess!’ Parent
Crafts, paint, glitter – these are not the words this parent looks forward to and they immediately start worrying about cleaning up before the first paint pot is open. First everything is covered in sheets to protect it from mess and the children have their oldest clothes on, you know just in case! This parents sits on the edge of their seat watching every droplet with sponge and cloth at the ready. They’re also watching the clock quietly counting down the 30 minute limit they’ve set because half an hour is plenty of time for mess making afterall!

So which one are you? If you’re number 3, perhaps this weekend you could ‘surrender’ and see how you get on and let us know.

Whatever you get up to, enjoy it and have fun 🙂



3 thoughts on “Parent vs Crafty Mess: Do you ever surrender?

  1. If you saw my craft-room, I let other peoples kids craft in my craft-room and make the mess they’re not allowed to make at home, I need to completely tidy it every single week after lessons. But I’m happy and they must be, they keep coming back. X 🙂

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  2. I think newspaper has to be a crafter best friend. Put it under any project and it saves a lot of mess. Then, instead of having glitter and paint all over the table all you have do is pick up the paper and recycle it 🙂 .
    All my best memories involve doing craft with my sisters. Especially when the dogs and cat would walk over our wet paintings and tread rainbow footprints all over the house. ❤


    1. Oooh newspaper! That is a good tip! Although did you ever do crafting when the print would come off on your fingers – I had that all the time 🙂
      I used to love using a new cartridge pen in a new notebook, still love it now too 🙂

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