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Is entertaining the kids expensive?

exploreSo the Easter holidays are over for another year but hopefully you all enjoyed some quality family time if you were able.

Here’s a question – Does anyone else find entertaining the kids in the holidays an expensive time?!

Entry for visiting places, ticket fees, food prices, travelling costs and that’s not to mention the souvenir gift at the end or ice cream treat too. As much as it is enjoyable to go out for the day, it does seems to make a day out as a family rather costly and unfortunately we don’t have the weather in the country to guarantee a trip to the beach with a picnic for a cheaper day out!

However, there is a completely free of charge way to entertain those kiddiwinkles albeit it is slightly weather dependant….

Anyone heard of Geocaching? If not, you’re in for a treat 😉

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What is Geocaching?

Geocaching seems relatively unknown but it’s a real life treasure hunt that we discovered a few years ago. Simply put – Geocaches come in different shapes and sizes and are hidden all around the world. People make one and put it in a location with coordinates for other people to find and with new geocaches popping up every day, there will always be a new one to log as found. You could even make one yourself!

They usually come with a log-book and pencil so when you find it, you’re able to write your name (or team name) and then you put it back where you found it so the next person is able to search for it. Sometimes they come with little treasures so you can take your own treasure and swap it for one that’s in the geocache.

A real life on land pirate who loves finding treasure!

However, you need help finding them as some are trickier than others. You can download the app to your phone (it’s free) and search for the level of difficulty and location you want. Then a map will show you all the geocaches in that area. It even has clues to help you along the way and people who have found it before you can also leave clues for their fellow hunters.

At Mini Strawbees Club we’ve already found our local geocache, although it took three returning visits to find it and that was with the help of the clues on the app too! That feeling when you eventually set eyes on that geocache is amazing though and I’m sure all those little explorers we have at home will absolutely love it!

So, perhaps this will give you inspiration for a sunny afternoon or you could even make an entire day of it too! You can find out more about geocaching here and there’s even a 75 second video clip on the site to show you exactly how it works.


Happy Geocaching everyone, see you on a log book soon!



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