Are we all too busy for our children to say ‘Thank You’?

Thank you2

At Mini Strawbees Club we’re guessing that some of the first words you taught or are teaching your children to say are ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and rightly so. It is a sign of politeness and most of us grow up knowing that it is common courtesy to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when appropriate. It becomes a good habit to learn and we use it throughout our lives. Or do we?

Most of us say ‘thank you’ when we are given a gift face to face but what about a delivered gift or voucher within a card through the post?

Did you know that sending thank you cards is becoming much less common now. Assumingly because we have seen a shift from hand written cards and letters to electronic means such as email or text messaging. Let’s be honest, electronic methods are brilliant ways of communicating quickly and for free. Even the likes of Moonpig, who charge a fee for their service, have made it easier than ever to create photocards and personalised thank yous for us to express our gratitude. However, this doesn’t stop us from neglecting our thank yous and the thank yous from our children.

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Hannah Dale, founder of Wrendale Designs, commissioned a YouGov survey into thank you letter trends at Christmas which revealed that 25 per cent of parents admitted that their children sent no form of thank you message for gifts received either hand-written or electronic, although 68 per cent of them thought we should. This survey shows that we all seem to think we should say thank you in a non-verbal way, have the intention to send a card or email but never find the time or ‘get round’ to doing it. Are we all simply too busy to sit with our children, make a card or two and hand write about our appreciation? Perhaps so.

At Mini Strawbees Club we’re trying to help busy parents which is why we include blank cards and decorations in our stationery and craft boxes so making thank you cards is easy peasy. Children could even make some cards in advance so that when the ‘I should really send them a thank you card’ moment comes, you’ll have some ready to go. In fact, as our way of saying thank you (see we take our own advice) we’ll even pop in a free gift for anyone who subscribes from now until Wednesday 20th April – visit Mini Strawbees Club for more and we hope this inspires you to get creative with your thank you’s.




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