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What is Mini Strawbees Club?

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Picture this, you have an afternoon with the kids and the weather looks a bit miserable and you know the moment you set foot out of the door it will pour down. Typical British weather… You want something fun to entertain them but have no idea what, you can’t be bothered to have the mess from baking, you have exhausted the toy cupboard already this week and you’d love to have an easy craft afternoon but where do you start?

That’s where Mini Strawbees Club comes in.

Helping Parents

We create fun, exciting, themed boxes full of stationery and craft items aimed at kids from age 6 years plus. Each box has a number of activities included such as wordsearches, colouring in sheets, craft kits and interesting stationery items for them to use while doing the activities.  

Woodland Box Outside
Woodland Box from Mini Strawbees Club

We purposely don’t include lots of instructions because we want children to use their imaginations and own creativity to put their craft skills to the test.

As parents ourselves we know how valuable it is to have quality time with the kids but also to have the kids fully entertained so you can get on with the jobs all parents have to do (that load of washing won’t hang itself out to dry..unfortunately!). With this in mind our boxes are designed so that parents can either participate with the activities or leave children to complete the activities alone. As a parent, having flexibility is great so we try and allow our boxes to create as much flexibility as possible.

  • Convenient

Our boxes are a monthly subscription service (like a magazine subscription) so parents need not worry about remembering to purchase their child’s box, it’s automated with no cancellation fee so that’s one less thing to put on the to-do list.

Letter-box friendly subscription box

They are also letter-box friendly so the postman won’t have to disturb your busy day with a parcel. Plus they come addressed to the child so parents can see the excitement on their children’s faces when their box pops through the door. It’s a like a personalised gift every month!

  • Nice and Tidy

At Mini Strawbees Club we know getting craft items together can be a bit of a nuisance, that craft thing you saw on Facebook only needed one lollipop stick but here you are finding a number of them stashed down the sofa. Not to mention the huge bag of individual pom-poms you have on the side because you can’t find a ‘home’ for them. Our boxes are nice and neat with just the right amount of materials needed so when the time comes to pack everything away, it can all fix back in the box for the next time, no mess – no fuss!


So that’s us in a nutshell. Obviously we’d love to tell you more but you’re a busy parent so we won’t take up more of your valuable time, apart from to say that if you think your creative kid would love to be a member of the Mini Strawbees Club, why not join up and enjoy 10% off your first purchase with code JOINNOW10.

You can also follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and Twitter where we post more information about the Club and until then – have a fantastic weekend!



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