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5 Simple Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Creativity


1. Give Them Variety

By giving children a variety of materials, tools and items to use, it helps them use their imagination in whatever way they want to. If they’re restricted to just one pencil and one piece of paper, it’s unlikely they’ll create anything other than a drawing. By giving them more items, they can be more adventurous in their creativity.

2. No Device Time

Whilst electronics are amazing and we now live in a digital age, nothing crushes creativity like the on-screen world. Ditch the devices and allow them some time to explore with their own minds and develop their creativity skills, you never know what they might come up with!

3. Make instead of Buy

We are sure you have seen a child playing with the cardboard box that the expensive toy came in? Yep, that moment often gets brought up with the Mini Strawbees Club team.

So perhaps you could try making something from the packaging a toy came instead of the actual toy. Cereal boxes, toilet rolls, tissue paper, there’s lots of inexpensive materials lying around the house that could be used. Let children use their imaginations and creativity to make something from nothing.

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4. Leave them to it

Children have a way of wanting us to be involved in everything they do but sometimes stepping away can help them find their own creativity and almost force them to think for themselves. And let’s be honest, there’s no doubt the minute they’ve completed their masterpiece, they’ll be finding you to show you anyway 😉

5. Leave the Mess (for a little while at least..)

If you can bare it, leave the tidying until later. Creativity doesn’t always happen to be a clean and tidy process so encouraging children to ‘colour outside the lines’ can open their minds to a whole world of creative ideas.

6. Know when to join in!

Children love it when their parents get involved. They’ll be more inclined to use their imaginations if encouraged with Mummy or Daddy doing the same. Plus, we all like to let loose once in a-while so getting silly with the kids can’t be a bad thing.

Let us know what you get up to this week and don’t forget to show us your creativity on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, we’d love to see your makes!

The Mini Strawbees Club Team

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